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Not looking your best on the day of the shoot?

Even if you did not have a good night sleep, you missed your dentist appointment or a pimple is suddenly there!

Black rings under the eyes, red veins in the eyes, yellow coloured teeth or a pimple can be taken care of the on the computer in post-processing, which included in the package price.

What to dress? Which outfit is the right one?

Basically, the clothing should fit to the type of picture. Do not avoid color, but avoid clothing that is too distracting or with too many patterns or too many different colours. You should also avoid clothing with fabrics that have fine checked patterns. For family portraits, everyone should wear as similar colours as possible to avoid distractions in the picture.

Make up?

If you are not used to wearing makeup then don’t! If you do want to wear makeup please don’t use strong or dark colours.

Shining skin?

If you have oily or shiny skin avoid face creams before the shooting. If needed, apply a matt, colourless powder (I will have one with me if needed).

Beard and hair growth

If you don’t wear a beard make sure to shave it clean before the shooting.

Beard wearing people should trim and style it the evening before to avoid stress on the day of the shoot.

Hair growing from the nose and ears should be removed or shortened at the minimum.